MGD Coaches

Maisha can work directly with industry and academic partners to define a strategic direction
Dr. MGD specializes in various topics that directly impact the U.S. STEM economy:

  • STEM Pipeline Development and Careers
  • Networking
  • Mentoring
  • Diversity and Inclusion (of Historically Underrepresented Groups).

Due to her strong background in STEM—with a foundation grounded in material science—from two premier Research 1 universities, MGD can provide targeted audiences with tools focused on a successful STEM career pathway and pipeline development.

It is widely documented that thousands of STEM-related employment opportunities go unfilled in the U.S. every year. In order to meet these growing STEM demands, which directly impact the U.S. STEM economy, it is imperative that we attract and cultivate new STEM talent from historically underrepresented (HU) groups, specifically African Americans, Hispanics, and American Indian and Alaskan Natives. Dr. MGD’s successful career in industry as a member of one of these HU groups coupled with experience as a Doctoral/R&D Recruiting Manager at a Fortune 500 company has armed her with a deep and critical understanding of how to effectively cultivate the STEM pipeline for companies while preparing the talented STEM individual for utilizing his/her transferable skills in corporate, government, and other non-traditional career paths.

Dr. MGD can work directly with industry and academic partners to define a strategic direction for diversity and inclusion benchmarks and goals and STEM pipeline development. She can also work with individuals in career coaching to prepare for their job search, from resume preparation and review to interview coaching for your first job or 15th.

Maisha is an extremely skilled “coach” for individuals, youth groups, and nonprofit Boards. Her exceptional ability to guide and motivate people inspired youth in Greater Cincinnati to become passionate about science and to commit to doing the hard work necessary to succeed. Her participation and thoughtful suggestions enhanced the mission and operations of community organizations such as iSPACE, Cincinnati 100 Wise Women, the MIT Alumni Association, and the National Association of Black Chemists & Chemical Engineers. Maisha generously shares her knowledge and has a knack for helping others bridge the often significant gap between a theoretical understanding of a subject or system and the practical application of that understanding. She is a treasure!
Judith Harmony PhD

Harmony Project, supporting the health, wellbeing and education of at-risk children and youth Cincinnati, OH