MGD Writes

In the pursuit of the PhD, Dr. MGD published several peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals. These articles, which focused on nitroxide-mediated controlled radical polymerization, gradient copolymers, blend compatibilization, and diffusion reaction rates, would form the basis of her dissertation which is entitled “Exploiting nitroxide-mediated controlled radical polymerization: synthesis of polymeric materials and development of a novel method for study and application of diffusion-controlled reactions.”. As a research scientist at P&G, she would write company proprietary articles focused on material/technology development, product design, and analytical characterization for Baby Care and Beauty products. When she broadened to a talent acquisition role at P&G, Dr. MGD was afforded the opportunity to write non-technical pieces for diverse audiences. She created the content for P&G’s PhD website ( and other collateral materials which were designed to help PhD’s better understand their career options at P&G.

Not formally trained in Communications, Dr. MGD has continued to hone her communication muscle by just using it. She takes an end to end approach: brainstorming content, outlining flow, and writing the piece (keynote addresses, articles, flyers, brochures, other). And when not writing her own pieces, she uses her strong internal editor to ideate, proofread and/or edit the freelance work of others.

Dr. MGD is quite excited about new projects she is undertaking. Stay tuned as her passion projects come to life. She looks forward to helping you take your next project to the next level.